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The time is now for collegiate students to monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL), and the Luka Garza NFT Group is leading the way. Be the first to know when we launch by joining the waitlist today.


About Us

College athletes, artists, musicians AND DESIGNERS should be allowed to monetize their NIL without any institutional involvement and Luka Garza NFT group will help them do that

The Luka Garza NFT Group is a groundbreaking non-fungible token marketplace with a mission to help college artists, athletes, musicians, and students to monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) with simple and scalable solutions utilizing NFTs, endorsement packages, and other NIL remedies which heretofore, have only been available to professional status (vs amateurs, AAU).



Beginning with college athletics, the Luka Garza NFT Group is addressing the recent modernization of state laws and proposed national laws that allow college athletes to make money from their NIL and reform a multi-billion-dollar college sports industry. With a team consisting of blockchain development experts behind NBA Top Shot, NCAA’s board of governors, world-renowned artists, and executive leaders, the Luka Garza NFT Group is well positioned to give the power of NIL back to college students while maintaining the collegiate model. This results in a source of income for college students as their fans support them and develop deeper relationships through engagement with unique NFT drops made in collaboration with each student.

In order to give the power of NIL back to college students, the Luka Garza NFT Group was developed to provide an intuitive marketplace that gives users a fully immersive experience as they interact with NFT drops, buy and sell unique items in the marketplace, and support student journeys. Current NFT marketplaces are plagued with various limitations that prevent a great user experience such as intricate sign-up processes, inability to pay with credit/debit card, and prohibitive fees. However, the Luka Garza NFT Group has selected to build its NFT marketplace on its own blockchain in order to allow easy sign-up, allow buyers to pay in any currency they have, and experience the lowest fees. Our unique blockchain also addresses energy consumption required for marketplace operation with a green sustainable energy model through a Proof of Stake mechanism.

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